Technology is everywhere in your home! Most gadgets and devices rely on a connection to the Internet in some sort of way so this means most homes have a network more advanced than an office!


As complicated as it sometimes seems, all of these devices can and will work wonders for you. We will ensure this is the case, getting the most out of the kit you own, only replacing when absolutely necessary and making sure the price you pay on new technology is the best on offer.


We can visit your home, pick up and return faulty kit or support you remotely using Teamviewer.

Here are some examples of the areas we cover:

PC Repair Wareham
PC Repair Wareham

PC Repairs

We always thrive on getting as much use out of your current PC. Most repairs we get we end up upgrading the current model rather than spending a fortune on a new device! If it needs replacing, we'll tell you for sure!

Home Network

Need Wireless in all rooms? want to make sure your important data is backed up? Any requirement or issue you have at home, we'll help you out!

PC Repair Wareham

Buying A New Device

Don’t go to a big company to buy your PC and end up coming out with additional extras you never needed! We'll get you the best price for exactly what you need whether a phone, laptop or desktop!

Remote Support

We use Teamviewer to remote connect to all our clients. This means wherever we are, we can remote on and have a look at the issue! Once we are up and running and we have made a nice working relationship, we can install the Teamviewer software on your device(s) so we can help you out whenever you want!